Ozone Therapy At Home - Why I Do It & How To Get Started

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Why I Bought An Ozone Generator

Before we get into my ozone therapy setup and how it’s helped me, I want to give a quick overview of where I was with my health at the time I got into this. When 2022 started, I was still experiencing lingering ulcerative colitis symptoms. I had been trying to heal naturally and avoid biologic medications since 2018, so I decided I would give myself one more year to get into remission and heal my ulcerative colitis naturally; otherwise, it would probably be time to give biologics a try.

There wasn’t much information that I could find on the surface about ozone therapy for IBD, but I felt particularly drawn to the therapy, like my intuition was guiding me towards it. As I delved into understanding the science behind ozone, it tied in well with my understanding of the body and what the causal factors could be that are driving chronic diseases like IBD. I have an article explaining how ozone works and why it’s so helpful for IBD, so make sure to check that out.

I began by finding a local ozone doctor to give it a try. Practitioners who use ozone appear to be extremely rare here in Australia, but I was lucky enough to have one nearby. The issue was that, despite ozone being a very cheap treatment when you do it at home, it was costing me thousands of dollars going to the clinic. I did several ozonated saline IVs first, after which I felt incredibly energetic, and the next step was going to be rectal ozone insufflations almost every day for several weeks.

In the back of my mind, I knew that there was the possibility of getting my own machine. Each rectal insufflation, which only takes about a minute, would cost $250 a pop. Whereas if I invested in my own ozone generator, which starts at under $1000, I would be essentially free to do as many rectal insufflations as I like for the rest of my life. It’s also so much more comfortable and convenient to be able to do the treatment in my own home. So I decided to do a few rectal insufflations in the clinic to see if I tolerated them okay, and then I ordered my own ozone equipment.

A Cheaper Alternative if you just want to give it a try

Before I get into my ozone setup, I just want to make it clear that I understand this can be a little daunting at first. It’s reasonable to not want to go all-in straight away.

I’ve been looking for options for those of you who just want to give ozone a try before investing in your own generator, and also for myself when I’m traveling and don’t have mine with me. These ozonated oil capsules and suppositories from PurO3 are a really great option and are worth looking into. They probably won’t be as effective as the real deal, but they can help people significantly with their digestive and overall health. For a 10% discount, use the code “DIGEST10” at checkout.

My Home Ozone Setup

Getting your own ozone setup and being fully responsible for your own treatment can be intimidating at first. Just like everything in life, expanding your comfort zone is the only way to grow, and the discomfort is usually only felt initially. Once you have understood what to do and have set everything up, which is very quick and easy, it becomes second nature to use the machine. Once you’re setup, it’s essentially free to do as many treatments as you want. This is one of the reasons I believe not many people know about ozone - it doesn’t produce repeat customers unlike pharmaceuticals and supplements.

Below is everything I needed to purchase.

Ozone Generator and Accessories

This package included everything I needed in terms of the generator, tubing, and accessories. I went for the O3Elite Single. The single is great for most methods; the dual just supports higher concentrations which can be helpful for methods like ozone saunas.

I decided to go with Promolife for my ozone equipment, and I’ve been so impressed with how simple they make the whole process.

The cool thing about having an ozone generator is that you’re not limited to just one method, like rectal insufflations. Once you get started, you will be amazed at the many innovative ways to get ozone to different areas of the body effectively. The ozone setup I purchased included equipment for rectal insufflations, ozonated water, and ear insufflations. I thought this was a great place to start, and it allows for further expansion in the future. Promolife’s innovative ozone accessories like this one never fail to impress me, lol.

Check out this video for setting up the ozone generator and Promolife’s YouTube channel for more videos on ozone equipment and treatments such as rectal insufflations.

Oxygen Source

In order to produce ozone, the ozone generator requires an oxygen source. Room air is less than 20% oxygen, so we need something higher than that. There are a few when it comes to an oxygen source:

1) Industrial & oxygen tank

This is probably the cheapest and simplest option to go for. I currently use an industrial oxygen tank, which you can easily pick up from a hardware store that sells oxygen. When you need a refill, you just swap it out for a new tank. Here in Australia, I was able to get mine through eBay which was very convinient. It’s important to note that you will probably want a smaller tank than the ones often stocked in the hardware stores. The one I use is size C.

2) Medical oxygen tank

Medical oxygen and industrial oxygen actually come from the same source, so they’re 99+% oxygen. The main difference is that goes through certification and requires a prescription, so it can be difficult to acquire.

Oxygen Flow Regulator

For options 1 and 2, you will also need an oxygen flow regulator. The flow regulator attaches to the tank and allows you to control the flow of oxygen that is released from the oxygen tank. Oxygen tanks in different countries require different flow regulators (check out this page). In my case, I bought a bullnose regulator, as I’m in Australia. Something else to check before you buy one is that the PSI of the oxygen tank does not exceed the PSI that the flow regulator can handle.

See this video on setting up the oxygen tank with the flow regulator.

3) Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators are a brilliant option if you want to avoid having to refill your oxygen supply. These devices convert room air, which is mostly nitrogen and only about 20% oxygen, into over 90% pure oxygen. Ideally it’s good to look for one that outputs 95%+ oxygen.

They’re especially helpful if you plan do to treatments like ozone saunas frequently which use up a fair amount of oxygen supply. All you need is a power source and you’re good to go, no refilling required.

In addition to the concentrator, you will also need to purchase a low-flow regulator. This is because oxygen concentrators usually output a level of oxygen too high for ozone therapy.

Oxygen concentrators are the most expensive option, but I have found it to be a great investment.

I purchased my oxygen concentrator and low-flow oxygen meter from Natural Ozone. Promolife doesn’t ship their oxygen concentrators to Australia, so I went with Natural Ozone which is based in New Zealand. They also sell ozone generators which I haven’t tried out.

That’s really about it. It’s not as complicated as it might seem. Once I got everything setup and had done the first treatment, I found it to be really easy and quick, yet such a powerful therapy.

Why I Wouldn’t Live Without an Ozone Generator

Here are some things I love about having an ozone setup in my own home and why I would not live without one.

IBD Flare-ups

If my UC flared up, within minutes I would be able to do a rectal insufflation. I’ve had a few experiences in 2022 where I had rectal bleeding that went away within days of starting rectal ozone at a higher concentration but lower volume. This is how Dr. Ilana Gurevich uses it with her patients, and she has impressive results.


Ozone is incredible at fighting infections, whether it be a flu, an ear infection, an eye infection, or whatever. Dr. Ilana Gurevich also says that taking antibiotics is the quickest way to end up in a flare for people with IBD. I have been lucky enough to avoid antibiotics since being diagnosed; however, I have had to use antibiotic eye drops. Recently, I bought an ozonated saline eye dropper system, so whenever I have an eye infection, I just bubble ozone into saline and then drop some in my eye. It’s completely natural, just as effective if not more so than antibiotics, and there’s no way for the bugs to develop resistance to ozone! No matter what the infection, there’s usually a way to get ozone right to the affected area.

Ozone generators sold out in many places at the start of 2020, and it’s no surprise why. It’s probably best to be proactive and not wait around so that you can have peace of mind next time something infectious like that rolls around. It’s a great tool to have in the toolbox for infections; it’s not a cure-all, but it’s very powerful.

Ozonated Water for Keeping SIBO and Microbial Overgrowth in Check

The first day I did ozonated water, I noticed an incredible difference in upper GI issues like bloating, burping, and gas. I believe it is extremely powerful at removing unwanted microbes from the small intestine. I drink it daily as a preventative against things like SIBO and because it makes me feel great afterwards.


Ozone upregulates mitochondria, leading to more energy, so whenever I need a boost, I’ll do a treatment such as ozonated water, rectal insufflation, or an ozone body bag. I think it could be extremely helpful for those suffering from chronic fatigue. I certainly was before ozone came into my life; I didn’t realise it until I had my first ozonated saline IV.

Brain fog

I suffered with brain fog a lot in the past, but ozone helps tremendously. I don’t get it much these days, but when I do, I’ll reach for my ear insufflation stethoscope. Within minutes, I usually notice an immediate improvement.

Independence and health freedom

In a world where our institutions and corporations want you to be dependent on them, becoming independent and self-sufficient is the ultimate countermove. Although I see enormous potential for the future health and wellbeing of our species, our society is in quite a dark period right now, and I am quite pessimistic about what we will go through in the short to medium term. Whether that’s an economic or financial crisis, another pandemic-like event, or a food and supply shortage, we really don’t know what’s around the corner. Anxiety and worry are natural feelings to come up during times like these, but in order for them not to consume you, I think self-sufficiency is important, along with self-care. Especially for those of us with health issues, being able to take care of ourselves so we can be there for our loved ones during difficult times is so important.

Having my ozone setup ready to go gives me so much peace of mind and helps me to feel resilient, strong, and independent. This is why I’m so passionate about getting the word out about ozone therapy. Feeling like you’re completely dependent on a system that prioritises profit over health is not a nice feeling, and if we want to be healthy, we must have a robust arsenal of tools at our disposal rather than being fully reliant on modern medicine. I think ozone is one of the most effective tools in my toolbox that can help with so much more than just IBD, and it’s something I look forward to using almost every day.

If you’re looking for more information on Ozone Therapy, check out my O3 resources page.