I developed this protocol to show you what I’ve done to take control of my UC and improve my health.

I’ve tried to include all of the critical parts that I believe have worked together to get my UC under control. Not only that, following these steps has led to countless improvements in my life, and I truly believe you will be able to gain something valuable from what I’ve learnt.

The main focus of my protocol is a ‘less is more’ and balanced approach to healing. It’s not so much about what you DO, but rather what you STOP DOING. There are so many aspects of many of our lives that is constantly putting pressure on our health. Addressing these things one by one and letting go of those which you cannot control is the best way forward I believe. It is also important to have a balanced approach, in that you try your best not to obsess over one aspect of healing and leave others by the wayside. The most common example of this is becoming obsessed with diet during the elimination stage and letting it destroy your mental and emotional health. My advice is to always go with your intuitive feeling - if something doesn’t seem right, change it.

Here are the steps to my protocol. The order they are in is what makes the most sense to me.

  1. Do an Elimination Diet to determine your tolerance to certain foods.

  2. Remove unnecessary stressors from your life. These may be emotional, physical or chemical.

  3. Practice mindfulness & gratitude through meditation and becoming more present in your daily life.

  4. Add appropriate supplements into your routine.

  5. Incorporate ‘living’ probiotic foods into your diet.

  6. Use Rectal Ozone therapy to heal inflammation in the colon.

  7. Get appropriate testing done to rule out potential root causes.